safety and cultural notes

soloy safety and cultural notes

1. Animals:

a. There are some venemous snakes around Soloy, which may be encountered in the forest and in fields. As a precaution, for walks in these areas, it is better to wear closed shoes. If a snake is encountered, it is best to back away slowly. In case of a snake bite, head immediately to the community health center.
b. Poisonous frogs: these are extremely small, brightly colored (red, blue, yellow) frogs that should not be touched.
c. Scorpions: if you encounter one in your room, kill it. A scorpion sting will cause swelling and can make you feverish for a few days.
2. Other:

a. As in any place in the world, when encountering drunk people, be careful and keep your distance. It has occurred for a few fights to break out because of intoxication.
b. Volunteers should boil or filter their water before drinking it. Short term volunteers can bring bottled water from David, but there is no bottled water for sale in Soloy.
c. Medo does not recommend that volunteers walk around alone at night.
d. Generally, Soloy is very safe and volunteers should not be concerned, only cautious.There are many friendly people here who will look out for you.

3. Cultural Notes

1. Some people do not appreciate having their picture taken. Please ask before taking pictures.
2. Volunteers should be aware that the Ngobe people, as other indigenous groups, are still experiencing much discrimination in the areas of health services, education, transportation, technology, communication, and employment opportunities.
3. Foreigners to the area are relatively rare; therefore, volunteers should expect to experience some curiosity or apprehension from community members. For the Ngobes who are too shy or scared to communicate, be patient and open toward them.

We hope these safety guidelines will help you to enjoy your stay and be safe.


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