In Cerro Otoe there is a lagoon that in ancient times was inhabited by a dragon. The dragon had the strength to move the earth and raise the waters in a gigantic wave. The people who passed by there heard his roar and trembled in fear.

Then there came to the region a man named Medo from an island of Bocas del Toro. He established himself in the land. He was wise and possessed supernatural powers, and inspired so much confidence in the people that they trusted him to protect them from harm. With his powers he decided to confront the dragon. And so he made it rain for four days and four nights with intense thunder and lightening that illuminated the dragon's lake. This frightened away the dragon and freed the people from the lurking evil.

This story inspired an animation by Anna Zaniewski, Noelle Cole, and Alex Canto, for Campus Movie Fest. It was selected as one of the top 18 short movies nationally. The prizes for this accomplishment were sold and the money donated to Medo.

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Medo and the Dragon