Please Donate. The families of Soloy have been devestated by the flood, and we still need help for rebuilding.

Donations can be made by writting an email to Christine Loewe at with your name and donation amount, and then donating that ammount at

it is important to follow these instructions, so that your donation will make its way to us.

Donations for the Womens' Empowerment Project can be made by following the link to the right.

Donations of items can be sent to:

Adan Bejerano
Ciudad de David
Republica de Panama

Please notify Adan if you intend to send anything, as the post office is three hours away!

Useful donations include:

Books: English and Spanish. There is currently no library in Soloy, but we'd love to build up a collection that community members and English students could borrow. These would ideally include books for children, adults, and pedogogical materials.

other English learning materials: music CDs, educational games, computer software

For the children: clothing, shoes, sporting equipment

Also, help spread the word! You can link us to your website, and tell your friends about us. We're on Facebook! Look for the group Medo.