The health-related needs of this community are great. Major health concerns include malnutrition, lack of access to basic medical care, lack of sanitary conditions, and a lack of clean drinking water.

Clinic Assistance

We routinely host volunteers who are interested in helping at the health center. The health center of Soloy is always understaffed and understocked. This means that patients have to wait long hours before recieving care. We welcome volunteers who have some medical schooling or experience and speak Spanish to volunteer in the clinic. Also, medical supplies are always a welcome donation.

Traditional Medicine

We are also supporting the work of different volunteer traditional health agents. In the past, volunteers have assisted with patient care and registry. With these agents we have also develed seminars in natural home remedies to serve the community.

It is a long term goal of Medo to help a local traditional healer become well established in an independent clinic of her own. She is currently working in the lawn of the health center, with just a wood stove. Her home is a 2 hour walk up a mountain, so she often stays at the health center, and sleeps outside without even a bed. There is a great need for her to have access to better resources in order to better service the people of the community. Ideally, we would like to build a clinic for her and traditional healers, with a space to grow medicinal plants, a gas stove, and a place for her to sleep and attend patients. A volunteer interested in this project could help develop this traditional medicine clinic, by fundraising (writing grants or other forms of fundraising) and coordinating the construction of the traditonal clinic. Such a volunteer should be able to communicate Spanish. This project would require a long term commitment and could be combined with other projects.


Soloy lacks even the most basic sanitary infrastructure, creating health and environmental problems. Though community members have displayed a great interest in partipating in latrine construction projects, we need funds to purchase the materials. A two seat latrine costs $150 in materials, transportation, and food for the participating community members who volunteer their labor. Our goal is to build 50 latrines in 5 communities. See the latrine project page.

Health Course

Last year, thanks to the efforts of volunteer Marie-Rose Shoucri we designed a health course for primary and high school levels of the local public school. This course was developed in collaboration with the health workers of the Soloy clinic and the Joaquina H. de Torrijos school. It also received contributions from 12 SAMA and IFMSA medical volunteers from Montreal and Sherbrooke, Canada. We are currently interested in a volunteer who would like to coordinate the health course for this year. This would require an interest in health, ability to communicate in Spanish and a committment of at least 3 months and availability during the Panamanian school year (February to November).





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