Thank you to all our friends and volunteers who make things possible.

RMB: Red de Mujeres de Besiko is a local women's group. They have many projects to empower Ngobe women, including marketing crafts, health promotion, and education initiatives.

Ngobe Botanical Garden is a small local initiative to promote sustainable agricultre, environmental stewardship, and the study of the local ecology.

SAMA: SAMA(Student Association for Medical Aid)is a student group of McGill University. Since 2004,SAMA has been sending students to volunteer in the health clinic in Soloy. They always are very enthusiastic volunteers. We are looking forward to hosting more SAMA volunteers in June and July. Thanks for all your time and donations!

CASS: This scholarship program enabled Adan to study in the United States and return with skills to serve the community. Thanks CASS. Scholarships are good!

FORANB: an organization of artisan groups. Thank you for all the information about Ngobe art and history.

Volunteer Latin America thank you for helping us recruit volunteers!

thanks to the following websites for listing us:,