One of the main projects of medo is organizing English classes for adults and children. We are currently looking for volunteers who can make a commitment of at least a month to the project, but prefer volunteers who can make a longer commitment. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in teaching and developing cirriculum. We have very few resources for English teachers, so volunteers must be very flexible and willing to improvise.

Info for potential volunteers:

This is a proposal for recruitment of volunteers to participate in the Ngöbe - English Teaching Project of medo. Volunteers will be needed to teach English to the indigenous people of Soloy, a Ngöbe community on the Ngöbe Buglé Reservation in Panama, in order to improve educational and employment possibilities and help advance the socioeconomic development of the surrounding community.

Adan Bejerano founded this project in 2002 after having studied Integrated Natural Resources Technology at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. There have already been six volunteer teachers originating from Germany, England, Austria, the United States and Canada. Two Ngöbe students from the program are already pursuing advanced studies at universities in Panama.

Soloy is three hours from the nearest language school in David. Most students can neither travel daily (usually by walking or public bus) nor afford the expense of room and board. Thus, there is a need for volunteer English teachers to instruct students and adults in Soloy. With the average gross income being less than $200 per year for most families, any education (especially knowledge of English) can lead to more employment opportunities and help raise the standard of living within a community.

While the short-term goal of recruiting English-speaking volunteers to participate in the The Ngöbe - English Teaching Project is to provide opportunities for higher education and employment for Soloy´s students and other community members, its vision and mission are to enable more Ngöbe people (men and women) to pursue university studies within Panama and to be able to study internationally. Some will likely return home and use their knowledge and skills to assist the development of the Ngöbe-Buglé people. English is the second official language of Panama, and there are currently no teachers of English in the Comarca. A good knowledge of English can help a student advance in all areas of education.

The program will encourage talented students to consider English as a concentration in College.

People of all ages are interested in learning English and are very grateful for any instruction they receive. Currently, a long term volunteer from the United States teaches three groups of adults. Most started as beginners, but some already knew some words and grammar. A few are more advanced. All of them are very ambitious and wish to be taught every day for several hours depending upon the availability of the volunteers.

It is also possible to assist in teaching English to children in the school. Panama has enacted a law establishing English as the second official language in Panama, so many are motivated to learn at least some English. The teachers welcome the English teaching volunteers into their classrooms whenever the volunteers are available. Tutoring of homework after school hours is also much appreciated.

Who is qualified to teach English?
Volunteers are required to speak proficient English and be willing to teach both adults and children. Persons whose native language is English are preferred, but non-native English speakers would also be welcome. Volunteers are being requested to stay for a minimum of four weeks to promote continuity of the curriculum, but we prefer volunteers who can stay for 3 months or longer. Volunteers must be flexible, independent, resourceful and patient. They must have the ability to teach and the desire to develop a unique program which is adapted to the needs and wishes of the Ngöbe Buglé people. Volunteers must be monetarily self-sufficient, be able to live in modest accommodations, and eat simple but healthy food. A sense of humor is also helpful as learning should be fun. This will be a valuable and rewarding experience for volunteers interested in a teaching experience and making a real difference in a community.

If interested, please contact us,, and we can provide references from volunteers who have already taught in Soloy.


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